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Edition 1: 29th July

Welcome message…

Firstly, welcome to Thrive, our new newsletter on behalf of Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership. A key ambition for us as a system is to support thriving local communities and, as we embark on the next chapter in our journey, this newsletter will be a great way for us to share some of the work happening on the ground that will make this vision a reality. It will be an opportunity for us to talk about how we are working with, and engaging, communities and patients in new and different ways to not only improve care, but to really support our neighbourhoods, our local communities and the people of Surrey Heartlands to thrive and live better lives.

As many of you will know, on 1st July changes come into effect nationally that created formal health and care partnerships – known as Integrated Care Systems - to coordinate and plan services across local areas.  This allows organisations to come together and work collectively to improve the lives of people in their area.

In Surrey Heartlands local health and care organisations, including Surrey County Council, have been working in this way for some time.  What changed from July – through the Health and Care Act – is that these informal partnerships have now been put onto a statutory footing with real decision-making powers. 

By working as a partnership and bringing together a range of organisations – including the NHS, local government, social care providers, hospices, social enterprise and community, voluntary and faith sector partners – each Integrated Care System can also focus on the wider causes of poor health, things like pollution, poverty, housing and education.

And we’re already seeing the benefits on the ground, and some great examples of how we are working together more closely across health and social care and starting to work differently. In this edition you can read about our joint strategy to improve dementia care, our plans to support more people through virtual wards, how we are listening to people with learning disabilities to improve people’s experiences and outcomes. You can also read about some of the ground-breaking work happening at the Royal Surrey in cancer care.

As a system, we continue our focus on recovery and getting people in for planned operations and procedures as quickly as possible, following the delays people have experienced due to the pandemic.

I have also been leading some work nationally, known as
The Next Steps for Integrating Primary Care: the Fuller Stocktake, which looks at how integrated care systems can work together to reduce inequalities and address some of the challenges faced by health and care services - and also by our local population – and you can read more about that in my blog.

And with the change to become a new statutory organisation, we’ve also launched a new website. You can read more about this below and I would encourage you to take a look - and we welcome your comments and feedback.

Best wishes,

Professor Claire Fuller, 
Chief Executive  
Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership


New animation…

Understanding the challenges people with learning disabilities experience in primary care

An emotive new animation film, produced in collaboration with Surrey Heartlands ICS Research Team and The Sunnybank Trust, highlights the challenges people with learning disabilities face when accessing primary care, aiming to empower healthcare professionals to take positive action.
Through the accounts of people with a learning disability and their families, this unique study explores the barriers faced in accessing primary care services, specifically drawing out the experiences of patients around Annual Health Checks, which aim to support people to make better-informed decisions about their health and help reduce health inequalities.
In this study, researchers from Surrey Heartlands partnered with Surrey-based charity, The Sunnybank Trust. The charity supports adults with learning disabilities, a group who are among the most vulnerable and socially excluded in our society. The project features the voices and real-life experiences of those with a learning disability, echoing the participation principle of “Nothing about us, without us”.

Watch the animation
Animation highlighting the challenges people with learning disabilities face when accessing primary care.

Virtual wards video…

Supporting more people at home through virtual wards

We are always looking for ways to improve care and following the pandemic we have learnt a lot about how we can care for people in new and different ways. Virtual wards, which are being introduced across the country, are a great example of this and enable people to get the care they need at home, instead of being in a hospital.

We can see the benefits and we’re already working hard to introduce new virtual ward pathways across Surrey Heartlands for people who are frail or have certain health conditions (such as respiratory problems) with the help of remote monitoring apps and other devices, and still very much with access to a wider team and all the help and support they need, just in a more virtual way.

We will be talking more about these new pathways and how they work over the coming months but the video below explains how virtual wards are working in other parts of the country and some of the benefits they offer.

Watch the video
Explainer video about how virtual wards are working in other parts of the country and the benefits they offer

Dementia care…

New plan to transform dementia care in Surrey

A five-point plan sets out to improve the lives of Surrey residents with dementia and their families.

The joint health and social care dementia strategy, outlines an ambition for everyone with dementia and their carers to live in dementia-friendly communities and be able to live well at home for as long as possible.

Research suggests that approximately 17,700 people in Surrey currently living with dementia. Between 2020 and 2030 it’s projected that this figure will rise by more than a quarter to 22,600.

The five-year plan, which includes direct input from people living with dementia and their carers, sets out how the county council and the wider Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership, along with the Frimley system, will work with other organisations to support people with dementia, their families and carers so that those diagnosed can maintain their independence and enjoy a good quality of life.

Read more

What's happening at place…


Royal Surrey treats 5,000th prostate cancer patient with radioactive ‘seeds’ in UK first

In a UK first, doctors at Royal Surrey have treated their 5,000th prostate cancer patient with brachytherapy - radioactive ‘seeds’ implanted in or near a tumour to treat cancer. 
Brachytherapy is an alternative treatment to surgery that can have fewer side effects. It involves the insertion of tiny radioactive seeds covering the entirety of the prostate gland tumour.  As the radiation is put directly into the prostate, the healthy tissue nearby gets a lower dose of radiation and is less likely to be damaged than with other radiation treatment.

Royal Surrey pioneered brachytherapy treatment more than two decades ago and, today, patients from all over Europe come to receive brachytherapy at the hospital.

Read the  full story

Help shape a new strategy for Epsom and St Helier trust

The impact of Covid on our patients, advances in technology, closer collaboration between local health organisations, and the creation of the new Epsom, St Helier and St George’s hospital group, all mean that the trust needs to look again at its ambitions and priorities. So, over the course of this year the trust are developing a new strategy for the organisation.

Patients and the public are invited to attend a one-hour workshop held in each of our local boroughs during August 2022 to give their views and help shape the strategy.

The Surrey Downs event will be held in Premier Inn, Epsom Central hotel, 2-4 Saint Margaret Drive, Dorking Road, Epsom KT18 7LB

Wednesday 10th August, 6 - 7pm 

To register to attend please email:


First Community and Mole Valley Life work together to install assistive technology in homes to help keep east Surrey residents safe

Working collaboratively with Mole Valley Life, First Community’s Responsive Services have supported the installation of emergency lifeline alarms and key safe boxes for east Surrey residents.

Since the pilot project launched in March 2022, Mole Valley Life, who are operated by Mole Valley District Council, have provided First Community with emergency kits to use with their patients.

Read the full story


North West Surrey Health and Care Alliance launches new Tribe app

North West Surrey Health and Care Alliance (NWS Alliance) knows that through the Covid-19 pandemic, communities were vital, and that we can achieve so much through working together to support each other and our residents. Communities have been indispensable and continue to be so. 

As part of supporting our communities, they are pleased to launch an app called Tribe to Sheerwater and Goldsworth Park communities. 

Tribe is a new digital platform where residents can find out, through their smartphone or on the website, what is going in your local area with activities, groups and events. 

Local organisations, groups and people with events can ‘on board’ details of such activities for all to see, with times, dates, venues, and contact details.

Read the full story 

No organisation within the whole ecosystem can do it on its own

Tim Oliver, the integrated care partnership (ICP) chair for Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care System and leader of Surrey County Council, articulates the difference between ICPs and ICBs.

And explores why joint appointments help avoid turf wars and how the ICP holds the key to delivering a strategy for addressing the wider determinants of health.  
"This is the opportunity to do things sooner and stop people falling into chronic conditions."

Listen to the podcast

Have you seen the Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership new website?

With Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership becoming a statutory integrated care system, on 1 July 2022 we launched our new partnership website:

The new website has information about the partnership – who we are and what we do – and it also has a range of information about local services, where to seek help, how we make decisions, ways you can get involved and much more.

We will continue to develop the website over the coming weeks but we welcome your feedback – you can email us:

7th September, 10am - 1pm

NHS Surrey Heartlands Board Meeting 

14th September, 9-10am

Vaccination update

Thanks to frontline teams, our Covid-19 vaccination programme has now delivered more than 2.2 million vaccines to people across Surrey Heartlands.

Following the launch of the spring booster back in March inviting people aged 75 and over, residents in care homes and people with weakened immune systems 86% of those eligible have come forward to have their vaccine, which is great news, and a higher uptake than some other areas have seen. 

We are also continuing to vaccinate 5-11 year olds, as well as planning ahead for the autumn where, in September, we will see the launch of the autumn booster, where some further groups will be offered a further Covid-19 booster vaccine. Read more

If you, or your child, are eligible for a vaccine and haven’t yet booked it in, please call 119, check our walk in options or book an appointment here.  

Join our NHS Surrey Heartlands Board meetings

Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe meetings of the NHS Surrey Heartlands Board meetings, which are held in public but are not public meetings.

Further information, including public meeting dates and associated papers are published on our new website.

Questions from the public are welcome and should be emailed to the Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership Governance Team in advance of the meeting so a response can be provided: 

Join our team

Find more about current vacancies in Surrey Heartlands on our website  

Your feedback

Please send us your feedback. If you want to share your ideas for improving services across Surrey Heartlands then we’d love to hear from you. Or if there’s more you’d like to see covered in our newsletter, please let us know, email:

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