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It's been a while since we published our last newsletter but we haven't been idle, our 2018/19 financial year came to a close at the end of June with us having developed a few new products and sales for the year up by over 20% on the previous 12-months.

Two retirements, a shorter working week and a software supplement sums up the moves and changes at Eltek recently but with our new financial year having  just started, the tough targets we've set ourselves will dictate more additions to the team in the very near future, watch this space.

I hope you enjoy this edition and please feel free to send your comments and or contributions for the next newsletter to me - Arthur Keighley at
All Change at Eltek ...... well maybe not all but certainly some changes
Lucian on a 4-day week
Lucian founded Eltek almost 35-years ago and has been driving the business forward ever since. He is however finally showing signs of slowing down - or at least he is now only in the office Monday to Thursday. Although with  grandchildren, family house moves, gardening and rowing, "slowing down" is almost certainly a questionable phrase to use.
Brian taA person wearing glasses and smiling at the cameraDescription automatically generatedkes the reigns
Brian Clarkstone who joined Eltek in July 2017 as Business Development Manager has been promoted to Managing Director.
Brian brings a wealth of experience in both business processes and manufacturing. As part of the management team he will contribute to the strategic planning for the company and assume the day-to-day business administration aspects, freeing Lucian to concentrate on product design and development.
All change in sales
Arthur Keighley joined Eltek to take responsibility of sales and marketing, taking over from Robin Perry who has now retired.
Having started his career as a Radio Engineering Mechanic in the Royal Navy, Arthur worked for several years as a project manager in the electronic subcontract manufacturing sector before moving into business development.  Prior to joining Eltek he also ran his own business for almost 10-years so will contribute a considerable amount of commercial and customer care experience in addition to his sales and marketing knowledge.
Software development and support
Emily Twist (woman of mystery) joined Eltek in September 2018 as a temporary software tester, we soon realised that we had found someone who would be a huge asset to the software development team, so Emily was appointed as Digital Product Developer in October 2018.  Emily provides software support and is working on our next generation of software products.
Valuable addition to the production team
Amanda Batty has joined Eltek as part of production team, filling a vacant position made available when Jenny retired. Jenny had been with the company since its inception in 1985, so no pressure Amanda!
Until recently Amanda had working for an electronics design and manufacturing company for almost 15-years as a production supervisor so feels perfectly at home already as part of the production team. At a time of significant growth for Eltek Amanda adds considerable electronic assembly experience.
But that's enough about us.
Why not let us know about changes in your organisation and we'll share the news with our network
Air Quality
We're sure you'll be aware of the continued and rising concern around the topic of air pollution. In the UK, unfortunately it's been the tragic news of the fatal affects air pollution is having on our children that has caught the headlines, with the affect that many more people are taking notice of the damage to health air pollution is having. To varying degrees I'm sure this is the case throughout Europe and much of the developed world.

Air Quality therefore continues to be a major area of interest to Eltek, and we are delighted to have been awarded a contract by The Bartlett Institute at University College in London to design, develop and supply a significant number of our AQ110 and AQ112 advanced air quality monitors.  The monitors are being used in an extensive study of schools, hospitals and public buildings to monitor indoor and outdoor air quality.  The UCL issued case study is available through this newsletter.

Outside of the headline grabbing fatalities there has been more press publicity regarding the many studies being conducted  to highlight the impact of indoor air quality on learning and health and through its collaboration with UCL, Eltek is well placed to provide technical advice and solutions to educate and guide anyone that has a duty of care to their workforce and customers alike. Knowing what to do about indoor air quality must start from understanding exactly what's in the air around you.

If you can't measure it then it is unlikely you'll be able to manage it
Eltek has the experience and equipment to help you understand what the quality of the air you're breathing in on a daily basis actually is.
If you have any anecdotes or stories you would like to share regarding your experiences around air quality, then please get in touch and we'll share them with the Eltek community.
Fact - You could be exposed to more PM2.5 pollution cooking an omelette in your own kitchen than standing at a London roadside
Case Study

University College London deploys the Eltek

Advanced Air Quality Monitors - AQ110A & AQ112
Researchers at UCL’s Institute of Environmental Design and Engineering have been conducting field measurements to explore how building design and operation could provide improved indoor air quality (IAQ) whilst delivering low energy and low carbon buildings. To support this work, and following a long history of collaboration with Eltek, the AQ110 Advanced Air Quality Monitor was developed, followed very closely by the AQ112 with its additional Ozone sensor.

The integrated unit was designed to capture:
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO2
  • NO2
  • CO
  • Particulates (PM1, PM2.5, PM10)
  • TVOCs.
  • Ozone (AQ112)
This has allowed an understanding of both indoor and external pollutants, as well as their relationship to thermal comfort and ventilation rates. Initially developed under the TOP Project (Funded by EPSRC, Grant Code: EP/N009703/1), the AQ110 Advanced air quality monitors have been used on a series of research projects, measuring indoor and outdoor air quality in residential apartments, hospitals, offices and schools.

Click the link below for the full case study or
contact us for further information.
+44(0)1223 872111

UCL Advanced Air Quality Case Study - Click here to read full article
Fact: The air quality in bedrooms can be worse than anywhere else in the house.
Eltek Distributor Network
Eltek sells its range of products via a network of specialist distributors leaving us to concentrate on doing what we do best, designing and manufacturing wired and wireless data logger solutions.

It is this distributor network that can add significant value to the end user. By providing industry sector knowledge, expert advice, installation and commissioning along with regular maintenance and calibration services, the distributor ensures the end user gets a fully functioning continuous monitoring system. Eltek prides itself on building reliable data loggers that provide highly accurate monitoring results over a wide range of environments but it is only through the industry specific knowledge of it's distributors that the full value of the products can be achieved.

A prime example of this was demonstrated recently when Eltek was approached by The British Council to provide a temperature and humidity monitoring system in The British Pavilion in Venice. The issue was that they had been let down by a previous supplier and a system was needed for a specific art event that had to be up and running within 5 working days. It was also a requirement that the data had to be accessed remotely from an office in London. All-in-all a tall order, however working closely with our heritage distributor, D-Tech Systems Limited, the system was up and running in time for the start of the event. Without D-Tech's extensive knowledge of the Eltek product range and cloud services this could never have happened.

Eltek products have a very strong reputation for quality and robustness but it is our network of distributors that provide the value add to our clients.

We're always on the lookout for good distributors, please contact us if you'd like more information.

Please contact us for further information. 
44(0)1223 872111

Fact: In 2016 indoor air was responsible for 3.8 million premature deaths worldwide
New Product
The GenII GDLM10
A transmitter with simultaneous logging capabilities

Eltek’s GenII GDLM10 is a first, in that you get a compact self-contained and highly accurate device that is both a logger and transmitter. Used for environmental monitoring of Temperature and Relative Humidity, with simultaneous logging. With up to 52,000 readings per channel, data is written continuously and will overwrite the oldest data when full. Using a 5 minute transmission and 30 minute logging interval, approximately 3 years of readings will be stored.  

This provides the ideal solution for detailed environmental audits and day-to-day monitoring, as well as for monitoring mobile objects; for example, exhibits in transit. It simply grows with your expanding requirements, with all data available on a common platform. 

Readings collected during mobile (touring) usage can be downloaded using the serial interface cable LC99 and then used to update the Darca Heritage database to allow continuous data storage.

Please contact us for further information.
+44(0)1223 872111
Link to GDLM10 datasheet
Visit our website for more information about the eltek product range
Project Planning and Problem Solving
At Eltek we spend a lot of time providing solutions to our clients and many people can get involved so it's always important to ensure everyone in the process is not only seeing the same problem but is also buying-in on the same solution.
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Fact - If you can't measure it then you're unlikely to be able to manage it
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