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issue 01
january 7, 2022

Knock, knock...

Hello from the year 2022, sounds very futuristic but we are here and now. I'm Roman, the designer and maker of ikari gear and this is a first attempt at the ikari newsletter — tropa (Russian: "path"), in theory you either signed up for it, perhaps even recently, or you have purched one of my products in the past, for which I'm forever grateful. Tropa is a little peak behind the maker's curtain, insights, wins and misses of making and selling handmade products to fine folks like you.

2021 was wildly productive and insiring year for me / us. I think of you guys as a crew that is along for a ride. Ride into unknown, exciting and sometimes scary future.

Few things happened last year, few new products, iteration of existing ones, new materials and tools.

ikari C is a big one one for me. I wanted to venture into making bike-related things for a while and this is what I did —I brought together things I enjoy doing — bikes and fishing. I made it universal for other applications as well. 

C2 followed right after as a variation with a direct bolt on versus side offset. Meant for what's called "accessory mount", or just a standard water bottle mount.

Here is fun little promo video I made about it. 

I have a lot of other ideas surrounding bikes. So stay tuned.

Learn more about ikari C & C2 →

On the fishing front I've introduced the new model T, a budget-friendly and even more compact offering of magnetic fly box spools. It has been receiving some great responses (and sales numbers).

Unfortunately, a few were lost in transit on the way to other countries and some of you never got what you've ordered, which is a bummer. Of course, refunds were issued and insurance covered the losses but it sad to see someone not getting something that they were stoked on and hard work vanished. But this is a world we live in nowadays, I'm constantly monitoring the situation and make announcements on the social media and the website.

Models LMS and B received a lot of updates as well. L now comes with a Fly Dial and has a separate compartment in the back for easy fly storage of the second line. Durability has been significantly improved as well. New clips designs featuring velcro straps instead of zip ties and neoprene non slip padding, new packaging are amongst many other updates.

P was another new offering in the fish category, while it hasn't received much attention, I personally still like it a lot. Since putting these magnetic plugs on all of my rods — I haven't lost a single one! 

Nick from Norcal Tenkara tied over 500 flies for the 4 fly drop batches we did! By the way, there are a few packs of the Batch 04 | The Remix are left in the store, it's never too late to stock up on some flies for the spring.

New in 2022

Latest edition to ikari family is the model D. And it's filed under new category — lifestyle

ikari D is a storage solution for your daily supplements and substances. Made to improve the experience of storing and keeping track of them. It features magnetic daily dial, very simple and useful mechanical day compartment switcher. ikari D is pocketable and comes with detachable lanyard. Food-grade finishes used.

Learn more about ikari D →


Once in a while word spreads and ikari gets mentioned in different publications. Some I shamelessly solicit myself, some come as a surprise. Some only go to my mailbox, I love seeing your ideas, thoughts and suggestions — thank you, everything gets noted.

I did an episode (№14) of Working Class Fishing Podcast, it turned quite nice, even though I can't stand hearing myself talk, but who can? Definitely give those guys a follow.

Jon from the Radavist got to review the new ikari C and seems to be digging it.

Tenkara Angler did a little something about the beloved model T. You can check out their article here.

If you haven't watched a mini movie about how ikari products are made — give it a go

So what do you think? Does topo (this newsletter) have a place in your mailbox? Maybe we can make it a monthly thing? Send me a note to I'm going to keep an eye on "unsubscribe" rates and we will go from there :)

Keep it safe out there.


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