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We, at HUFUD, believe that peace is possible and judging by the reactions of those who attended our last conference held on 17 June 2019 at the Initiatives of Change in London, the majority agree with us! You will find below some photos and a link to a short video taken from our event "Peace is Possible".

The main obstacle of achieving peace, demonstrated in particular by the three films plus a film trailer that were shown on the day, is militarism.

We cannot rely on politicians to create peace in the world because we live in a system where weapons are being produced and sold in order to protect employees in the war industry. These 'products' include machine guns, grenades, landmines, bombs, mortars, rockets, torpedoes, rocket launchers and interceptors, Apache helicopters, air-fighters, warships, spying and torture instruments.

Patriotism, nationalism, security and religion are the ingredients available to our politicians to create wars as they fancy. We, the people, who have not chosen war, must say 'enough is enough' to Governments: Stop organising wars that we did not asked for. Stop sending our children to kill or be killed. Stop militarism! Stop destroying our economy - military expenditure is unjustifiable and spending on defense is indefensible. Stop creating enemy countries.

Surely this must be a universal approach to peace.

Taking Britain out of the military market is not the solution. The weapons market itself has to be banned forever! Machines manufactured today intending to cause death and bereavement can easily be transformed instead to alleviate suffering, provide enjoyment and to prolong life. It is possible!

Please help us spread this message across the globe, thank you!

Alberto Portugheis
HUFUD President

Clockwise from top left / top to bottom: 
  1. Alberto Portugheis, HUFUD Founder and President
  2. Josephine Apira shares the reality about her homeland, Uganda.
  3. Professor Dave Webb, CND Chair, on how we CAN ban the bomb through international treaties and linking efforts with other campaigns.
  4. Mic Dixon, director of ‘War School’ takes questions about his film
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